Facebook Messenger on iPhone

For iOS device owners to have the most comfortable communication in Facebook, they should install the mobile client application from this developer. Using Facebook Messanger is much more convenient than the official website of the social network. Let’s see what this utility is for and how to download and install Messanger on iPhone.

Program description

Messenger is designed exclusively for communicating with Facebook users.

application interface
The application has entertainment and informational functions.

Application features include:

  • share photos and location (using the user’s geodata);
  • organize a chat in multiconference mode, communicating with several users at the same time;
  • record and send video, text and voice messages;
  • call users living in any country (communication is free via Wi-Fi, otherwise the rates set by the operator apply).

The interface of the program is intuitive and similar to other popular messengers, and the design is made in the corporate colors of the social network.

You can send messages both to users added as friends in your account, and to other people by opening the phone book. A new contact will be added as soon as their phone number is entered (if the person has their own Facebook page).

Download on iOS

Especially for the convenience of customers, applications for a specific OS (for example, Windows 10) and a device, including for iPhone, running on the iOS platform, are freely available.

You can download Facebook Messenger for iPhone for free in the official App Store:

  1. Open the main page of the store.
  2. Enter Facebook Messenger in the search bar.
  3. Next to the application icon, click on “Download”.
Download Messenger from the App Store

Please check that this software is developed by Facebook, Inc. before downloading.

Application installation

To install Messenger on iPhone, you need:

  1. In the open application page in the App Store, click on “Install”.
  2. Run the program and log in to the social network.
  3. Add friends – from the page in FB or from the phone book.

You can enter your phone number – this will make it easier for other people to find the page. If the number is already linked to a Facebook account, it will automatically appear in the corresponding field.

You may need to enter the device’s Apple ID before installation.

After authorization, Messenger will scan the numbers stored in the phone and determine which contacts use this utility. If you do not want to import contacts, you can refuse by clicking “OK”, and then – “Do not allow”.

When this is done, the installation of the application is completed. Now all functions of the utility are available to the user.

Later, you can enable the “Import contacts” option, then the messenger will detect if the people whose numbers have been saved have accounts in this program. If accounts are found, they will be automatically added to the application.


Video: Download and install messenger on iPhone.

Deleting a messenger

Facebook Messenger on iPhone

  1. Open the smartphone menu and find the icon of the installed application.
  2. Click on the program shortcut and hold your finger until the other icons shake.
  3. Now the icon is selected and you can click on the cross above the icon.
  4. Select “Delete”.

About social network

Facebook is the largest social network operating since 2004. Here anyone can communicate with other page owners.

In addition to the web version, an application for mobile devices has been developed. The program includes almost all the main features of the social network:

  • viewing the news feed;
  • adding and removing users;
  • adding to various interest groups;
  • account setup.

Facebook messenger is a simplified version of the social network.

FB Messenger
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