How to recover messages in Facebook Messenger?

A Facebook user’s data, including correspondence with others, flows through the account and is stored there. This solves the issue of deleted messages being returned in Messenger, the official instant messaging app through the social network. So how to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages?

Restoring texting in the web version

The web version is a service built right into the social network interface. Accordingly, it is not a separate program that requires pre-installation.

In this case there is only one way to recover deleted messages – if no action has been performed after pressing the corresponding button. Then the “Restore” button will be visible – it is necessary to press it.

Once the page is refreshed, the deleted information cannot be accessed again. Facebook itself says as much.

An alternative is the archiving of texting. It will be possible to get the messages from the archive.

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Returning messages in an application on a computer

Desktop Messenger is a separate program that is pre-installed on your computer. The app allows you to send messages without having to open your social network page.

The situation here is similar: you can only retrieve a deleted chain before refreshing or moving to another page.

But you can find the registration data and restore it. Stored dialogs will be restored along with the account (unless they were previously deleted, of course).

For this you need:

  1. Run any recovery program.
  2. Go to C:\Users\name User\AppData\Roaming\Messenger for Desktop and find the “Cookies” file.
  3. Restore this file.
  4. If necessary, replace it with a similar one in the new messenger.
  5. You will receive Messenger with your old account, important data and correspondence.

Backups for Android

Working with the smartphone version of Facebook Messenger is easy enough. But users should understand that removal is a drastic solution to the issue. Such messages cannot be recovered.

But it’s very easy to set up backup and archiving on your phone. As a result, your smartphone or the app will back up your conversations from time to time.

To find them and restore them would require:

  1. Launch Explorer (built-in or third-party).
  2. Navigate to the main memory, then to the Android/Data path.
  3. Find the “com.facebook.orca” folder.
  4. Open it and find subfolder “fb_temp” – this is where all backups of user’s correspondence are located.

Video: How to find Facebook messenger message backups on Android.

How to restore Facebook Messenger correspondence? Full deletion results in irretrievable loss of all data – this is company policy.

How true such a claim is, it’s hard to say, especially in light of the recent Facebook scandals. So you will have to learn how to use features such as archiving, backing up and restoring.

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