How to Download Video from Facebook Messenger

Facebook, like other similar services, has a lot of video content that you can download. However, this can also be done through a separate application of this developer, designed for correspondence – a messenger.

Below is a guide on how to download videos from Facebook Messenger to your phone or computer.

Video Saving Instructions

There is no fundamental difference from which application to download videos – Facebook or a separate utility, Messenger. In both cases, the desired video has already been uploaded to the social network servers.

All you need is a link to the video to download it from a third-party resource, or install an additional program on your device.

On a smartphone or tablet

If you need to download to a mobile device, then you need to choose a method based on its OS – Android or iOS. The difference is that the Facebook application is developed separately for each platform. Therefore, you need to download third-party programs from the official store – Play Market or App Store.

The most popular utility available for both operating systems is FB Video Downloader. This is an additional Facebook client, which is designed specifically for downloading videos from this social network.

After downloading, launch the application and log in to it by entering the login details of your page. Then click on “View Facebook”.

Find the video you want, turn it on and click the “Yes” button next to it. The download is confirmed, it remains to choose where to save the file – to the internal memory of the device or to an SD card.

If you couldn’t download the video to your smartphone, you can first download it to your PC, and then transfer it to your phone. However, the problem may be due to the fact that the messenger does not work.

Saving videos to a computer

You can download the video clip of interest in special services for downloading, as well as with the help of extensions in your browser. Let’s look at how to download videos using Google Chrome as an example:

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Go to the Facebook page and log in to your account (or register).
  3. Once you are logged into your profile, you need to find the video you want to upload. If you don’t have a link to it, you can find it by typing its name into the search box. You can specify additional criteria (by publication date, author, etc.) and select a “Video” category to search.
  4. When you find a video, turn it on, hover your cursor over it, and then click the PCM button. A context menu will open, where you should select the “Show video URL” category.
  5. The address of the video you want to copy will appear in the line. Then open another tab in your browser and paste the address into the line.
  6. Replace “www” with the letter “m” and press Enter.
  7. A page with videos in the best quality and format will open in front of the user. We need to turn it on.
  8. Now click the PCM and select the “Save Video As…” option from the menu. Enter the file name and specify the location in the memory of the device to be saved.

Another option is to use a special service for downloading video files. A popular site is, which also requires only a link to the desired video.

Go to Savefrom
Go to service

Most of the videos are posted on YouTube. If the video you want to save from Facebook is available on this video hosting site, you can download it using a special service – YouTube Downloader.

Video: How to save videos from Facebook Messenger to your phone.


There are thousands of videos on Facebook that can be downloaded using special download services (a less secure way, as there is a risk of introducing viruses when downloading videos) or third-party applications. This can be done for different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) and operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS).

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