How to change your Facebook Messenger photo

The functionality of popular apps is expanding relentlessly, which increases the threshold of its mastery by the average user. Today, we’re going to talk about what Facebook is all about and learn how to change your profile picture in its messenger on different devices.

Note that Messenger is synchronized with the social network, so just change the main photo on your Facebook page. Read on how to do it.

Using a smartphone

The functionality of the mobile version does not differ from its “older” counterparts. The following instructions are sufficient to put the idea into practice:

  1. Launch the social network application, tap on the “three horizontal lines” icon.
  2. In the opens submenu, click on the old image of the page.
  3. In the profile, click on the picture, in the dialog box we need the “Choose profile picture” (or “Upload”).

Use the camera or load a ready-made object, scale it. Save the changes you have made.

Changing your avatar in the app on your computer

PC version users have faced the problem of changing the profile picture more than once. The step-by-step instructions will answer all your questions:

  1. Open the program, go to the personal information section (on the wall).
  2. In the lower right corner, you can see a white camera icon.
  3. Click on it, choose an acceptable option to change the photo (do it now or upload a new one).
  4. Adjust the picture to the needs of Facebook, confirm the action.

The account photo is automatically compressed when you adapt the user interface.

Changing the photo in the browser version

Go to the website and log in.

Go to Facebook
  1. Go to the project site, log in.
  2. Call up the profile menu, move the cursor to the “outdated” image.
  3. See the “Update profile photo” button, agree to the offer.
  4. Activate the guide or make the image “in place”, calibrate it.
  5. Save the new picture.

Changing your Facebook avatar isn’t difficult, but the abundance of functionality is often confusing. The messenger’s developers should have simplified the interface of interaction with the system to make it easier to perceive.

Video: How to add and edit a profile photo on Facebook

About Facebook

The social network connects users from all over the world. Over 1 billion active users, hundreds of thousands of posts daily, high security of personal data – the advantages of the software implementation.

Main uses:

  • communication with acquaintances, relatives and friends;
  • business negotiations between companies, discussion of pressing issues with personnel;
  • promotion of the product on the market, development of a marketing campaign.

If changing your photo isn’t your only concern, read on to learn how to use Facebook Messenger.

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