Facebook Messenger – what is it?

Facebook Messenger is a multifunctional application for instant messaging, multimedia content and calls.

Originally developed by Facebook Inc. as a convenient additional chat tool for the social network of the same name, over time, Facebook Messenger has become a full-fledged multi-platform competitor in relation to the closest analogues – WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Line, WeChat and others.

About the program

The basic purpose of the application is to exchange quick messages with friends, work colleagues, acquaintances and relatives who are present on Facebook, without entering the main profile through a browser or the official mobile application of the social network.

facebook messanger

In addition to working directly with the FB account, the software allows you to use the messenger in isolation, by registering only a phone number as the main login.

Today, Facebook Messenger is available on mobile platforms running Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, as well as a browser version available on the official messenger.com website. Classic software for desktop versions of Windows operating systems is currently not officially supported, although it was released between 2012 and 2014. Learn how to use Messenger on a dedicated page on our site.

As a replacement for installing the messenger on a computer, you can use alternative versions of it from third-party resources. They are based on old builds of Facebook Messenger, but do not guarantee the safety of personal data and other personal information.

Messenger functions

  1. Text messaging with contacts of the social network Facebook or other added accounts registered in the application.
  2. Classic voice calls, both in real time and with the ability to pre-record and then send as an audio file.
  3. Sending / receiving any type of files – both media content and documents, archives, etc.
  4. Video calls. By analogy with voice, they can be performed both in real time and through recording a video sequence with its subsequent sending to the addressee.
  5. Stickers and smilies. A variety of packs of stickers, stickers and emoticons, as well as the ability to add any GIF animation, make communication more pronounced and vivid. Most of this content within the application is available free of charge.
  6. Determine and send location. With this function, you can tell another contact where you are, suggest a meeting place, share other useful information presented in the form of a compact Google map with appropriate symbols.
  7. Groups. Facebook Messenger fully supports group chats with a lot of individual settings.

You can learn more about the functions and history of the application in Wikipedia.

Additional features

rapid transfers

The Facebook Messenger application is constantly evolving, and additions appear in its functionality from time to time. New services are p2p cash payments between cards and a special messenger mode for children. However, at the moment they are available only for users of individual states.

Messenger for mobile devices

Main functions, features and visual interface of Facebook Messenger for mobile operating systems Android, iOS and Windows Phone are identical. When you turn on the application for the first time after installation, a dialog box will appear with a choice of a login method.

messenger on your mobile phone

Here you can authenticate using a valid Facebook social network account (in this case, the messenger will immediately add all current contacts and correspondence), as well as only a phone number.

After passing authentication, the main interface of the messenger opens to the user.

Messages/Online tabs. The first one provides access to all active open chats, the second one shows the contacts from your list that are currently online. The activity button allows you to quickly start a new chat with any interlocutor.

messenger menu

Virtual Home key. When pressed from any department, returns the user to the main screen.



Top search bar. Allows you to search for people, groups, interesting pages and bots.

buzz via messenger

Call button. Opens a section for making voice and video calls, both individual and group.

video calls

Virtual Photo/Video button. It uses the built-in camera of a smartphone and allows you to take a picture or record a video using various beautiful frames, inserts, inscriptions, and other interesting integrated elements of the application, and then send the content via a messenger.

group creation

Groups tab. All available groups will be located here.

contact synchronization

Extra menu. In it, you can synchronize the application, view and accept authorization requests sent by contacts, scan codes, and more.

Messenger on the web version

Since the end of February 2014, Facebook has officially stopped supporting the PC version of its messenger for the Windows line of operating systems, leaving only the web client available.

Third-party software developers offer their own versions of the desktop application, but most of them have certain negative nuances in the form of mass display of ads, loading third-party software, or even stealing a login with a password. Several working alternatives are complete compilations of the classic web version.

Login to FB Messenger

Facebook Messenger for PC can only be considered in the context of access through any available browser.


login on facebook messanger

The authorization page allows you to log in with your current account or any other Facebook account.

application start screen

The main screen contains the main elements of the application, including search by contacts, globally and in correspondence. Also a link to your profile, a choice of emoticons, available chats from FB and so on.

communicating with the contact via the app

Video calls or voice calls of your choice.

facebook messanger settings

Basic and advanced application settings, as well as other information.

Downloading and installing Facebook Messenger

You can download and install Facebook Messenger for free using the links to the official marketplaces for your smartphone OS.

Download for Android

Go to download on Android

The messenger is available for download on any smartphones running the Android operating system version 4.0 and higher.

Facebook Messenger - what is it?

  1. Launch Google Play and type “Facebook Messenger” into the search bar. In the proposed list, the application will be the first, while paying attention to the publisher – it should be Facebook.
  2. Press the “Install” key. The source code of the program “weighs” a little more than 40 megabytes, after installing the software it will take about 110 megabytes.
  3. Launch the application after the download is complete and the appropriate shortcut has been created – it is called Messenger.

Download on iPhone

Go to download on iOS


Facebook Messenger - what is it?

Downloading and installing an application on the iOS operating system does not fundamentally differ from a similar procedure for the Android OS. The only point is that you need to download the application in the Apple Store, which is an analogue of Google Play, only on the apple platform.

Download on OS Win Phone

Facebook Messenger is available for download on smartphones running Windows Phone 7, 7.5, 7.8, 8 and 10 operating systems through its own Windows Phone Store in all popular languages.

Installation on a Windows computer

Go to download on PC

Installing the messenger on a PC running the Windows operating system is not recommended due to the lack of application support and the impossibility of downloading it from the official website. Alternatively, the web version of Facebook Messenger can be used. The operation of the software in a browser is described in detail in the Messenger on a Computer section.

Removing Facebook Messenger

Since you can fully use the messenger on a computer only through the web interface, you can delete the application from a smartphone or tablet. The removal procedure is standard, carried out through the appropriate item in the settings of a specific mobile operating system.

FB Messenger
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